Welcome in...

Everyone loves a diner.

It’s that friendly place you go for comfort food and the company of good people from all walks. It’s your neighborhood gathering spot where familiar faces welcome you in with warmth and cheer. Freedom Diner is that kind of place for your mind, where after a long day of being lectured by Marxist elitists, Liberal co-workers and clueless celebrities, you can relax and be yourself. In here is where you nourish your soul with the comradery of fellow patriots and gather strength to fight another day. 

So whether you’re just stopping in for a quick bite of the issues at The Daily Brew blog, a hearty helping of knowledge with one of our full Patriot's Platter courses, or indulging in a few comedic cocktails over at the Liberty Lounge, you’ll find something to satisfy your craving for American goodness with none of the politically-correct additives, socialist seasonings, or big-government calories in any of our ideas.

Freedom is food that nourishes the soul:

Unlimited amounts of human potential, steeped in the rich stock of our Founding Documents is the staple ingredient in everything we serve here and is essential to living your best life: 

Freedom Diner is where you fill up on classic dishes of everything that’s good about being American by practicing freedom in three, key areas:

First, find freedom within yourself, by learning ways to overcome your limitations and unleash your abilities so that no matter your circumstances, you can live your best life.

 Second, seek freedom for our country, by recognizing evil, standing up for truth, and supporting others who proudly love America as a truly exceptional nation history.

And third, explore the notion of freedom throughout the world, as a place not controlled by powerful, global elitists, but instead as a world replete with unique cultures, sovereign states, limited governments and limitless individuals.

What’s on the menu:

Some of what we serve here is educational and enlightening, because knowledge is power and patriots are life-long learners. Some content is hard-hitting and tells it like it is, because we live in the world of reality and believe that pandering to people’s mis-guided delusions actually does them – and our country – harm;  and some of what you’ll find here is satirical, because free people know how to take a joke and laugh at the ridiculous nature of ourselves and others. 

In here, freedom is served 24/7 with something for every mood and appetite (There’s even a kids’ menu). And the best thing is, no matter how full the Diner gets, there’s always room for more.

So welcome in, patriot, we’re glad you’re here. At Freedom Diner, you’re in good company.