Fill up your brain with knowledge!

Hearty and satisfying, Patriot’s Platters are an essential source of nourishment for your mind.


All our platters are original courses, made fresh right here at Freedom Diner, each one rich in the history that powerful elitists don’t want you to hear! Our platters are great for one person or can be enjoyed by large parties. Invite a few Lefty-leaning friends to the table and who knows, they might become a Freedom Diner regular!


Every purchase of a Patriot’s Platter comes with a side of expertise: send Stephanie a message in the “Contact” section to book a 30-minute virtual q&a session with your entire party following the course!


Or, if you’re craving just the facts without all the filler, you’ll love our Snack Plates:

Bite-sized bits of knowledge from our full Patriot’s Platter courses. All of our snacks provide the down-n-dirty bottom line you want without any of the time-intensive calories!

Just enough to tempt your mental tastebuds, try one or try them all!

Then fill up on your favorites with a full-course Patriot’s Platter!