More British Lockdowns, Missed Teenage Hook-ups, and Promises from the Prime Minister of the Ridiculous Duckling Hair

More British Lockdowns, Missed Teenage Hook-ups, and Promises from the Prime Minister of the Ridiculous Duckling Hair

Candida’s Rant - Lockdown

So, for the first time in history, we have quarantined the healthy. This would have been impossible to imagine a year ago but here we are, locked in.

In the UK it’s all about the NHS (Britain’s National Health Service). We are constantly bombarded with the message ‘we must save the NHS’. What the majority fail to remember is that we hear this message every winter as the organisation is and has always been ‘at breaking point’. If I were to pull up newspaper headlines from the last 10 years, you would see headlines like ‘NHS’s toughest winter ever’ or ‘hospital beds at record high’ or ’intensive care patients sent elsewhere due to lack of beds’. These are actually real headlines I’ve plagiarised. And yet, this year, it’s completely different, a new phenomenon – but it isn’t, it’s just what the government and the media want you to think.

For me, the rational solution was to keep the vulnerable safe. Effectively allowing everyone to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and those close to them. This would have prevented the loss of businesses, children going hungry and losing an entire school year of education, months and months of ruined university experience, countless suicides and we will have to wait and see the missed cancer diagnoses toll. When suggesting we only target those at risk, the predictable response is always ‘you can’t just lock up old people’ and yet those same people are happy to lock up the entire population, which includes the old.

Why is it okay for the majority of the population, the young, the healthy, the middle aged, to be acceptable collateral? Why is there this obsession with protecting the very old and yet total disregard for the young who have yet to live their lives and need to be free to do so?

Harsh? Maybe, but I am feeling harsh as I watch my own children retreat and become less of themselves. Why are we not putting them first?

What will the future look like for our young people. Will they be spending their evenings drinking, socialising and hooking up? Or will they be at home, online? I look back at my youth and think how wonderful it was, how free; I want that for all future generations. To me it is obvious and yet, to most the fear seems to outstrip all semblance of common sense, the short-sightedness of it astounds me.

I worry that there is a very real danger that these draconian measures will be used with every new virus, or will they be locking us down in future years in the name of climate change?

I read that in the UK one in four young people say they are unable to cope with life. According to a well known children’s charity, half of 16- to 25-year-olds said their mental health has gotten worse during the pandemic, and there will be more than that, there always is.

So, let’s look at the Covid Act which has given government the power to pretty much do what they like to our civil liberties. In the UK this has now been extended to July 2021 (quietly and under the radar) but in reality, the Act will expire in 2 years with 6 monthly reviews. That takes us to March 2022.

The Act originates from the Public Health Act 1984 (PHA) and the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (CCA).

The PHA provides powers to restrict the movement of individuals known to have a communicable disease and to control spaces which are known to be contributing to contagion. Our restrictions are far wider reaching than this, it’s literally stretching it as far as it can go and completely out of shape!

The other piece of legislation which allows government to curtail our liberties is the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (CCA). This basically allows government power in an emergency. Schedule 21 has been added to the Coronavirus Act and this extends the existing Public Health Act powers to control infectious disease in the specific context of the coronavirus. This is a huge worry as now that they have exercised this, there is very little scrutiny going forward.  It’s obviously more complicated than this but these are the broad strokes of how our civil liberties are being trampled on – legally.

It’s much more difficult to understand in the U.S., as there is so much autonomy given to individual states. Over here, there is a mask mandate, however, you can be exempt and cannot be challenged on this (it still happens obviously, but I personally do not wear a mask and have had very little resistance). We can order a lanyard from Amazon and that’s considered good enough.

I had a look at the rules in Texas (a right-wing state and I hear from my 18-year-old son, the place to be if you want your civil liberties upheld). Their order is ‘Stay Home, Mask, and Otherwise Be Safe’ but it seems like this is a recommendation rather than law, does this mean you don’t actually have to stay home and wear masks and if so, is anyone exercising the right not to?

To bring us right up to date, Prime Minister Johnson (he of the ridiculous duckling hair) has announced our roadmap out of lockdown. This is indeed very good news, although we have been given reason to rejoice before and then had it taken away from us. This feels like it might actually be the beginning of the end. The next big issue will be the vaccine. As it’s still in phase III of the trials, we know that we are basically the trial and this is not something I personally want to be part of. I am not an anti vaxxer but my immunity has served me just fine for the last 11 months so I really don’t feel inclined to be injected with something for no reason. Will I be forced to if I want to leave the country? Will this be another infringement on our freedom? Watch this space.


Candida is a native Londoner, seasoned educator, wife, and mother of two teenage boys. Above all else, she values freedom and the freedom of expression made available to all through civil rights. Having spent many years of her life in the United States, Candida cherishes the ‘American spirit’ and considers herself a ‘freedom warrior,’ standing up for individual rights, calling out tyranny and offering a unique perspective on the issues that affect us all. 


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I hear England is even worse with these fascist lockdowns than the U.S., but already over here we’re starting to hear rumors about a new strain of the virus, that’s the next wave of control. It will never end until people just flat out refuse to comply!